Top 10 Best Email Capture Tools for 2023

Top 10 Best Email Capture Tools for 2023

Marketing via email is an incredible method to allow stores online to boost sales through sending out special deals as well as collaborating content and news about their merchandise directly to the inboxes of their clients. For the best results from your email marketing campaigns it is necessary to work out who your subscribers are through the process of capturing emails. In order to accomplish this it’s necessary to locate many email catch software.

In this piece we’ve compiled 10 of the top email-detention tools available that are available today. If you use one of these tools to market and you’ll be sure to have an ongoing stream of brand new clients!

What is the reason you have to be aware of emails?

Email Catch is a method of collecting email addresses from visitors to websites by inviting the visitors to fill out an online form. They then sign up for an email tilt. Emails can be retrieved through on-line forms, popups or precisely designed email catch landing pages. The importance of capturing email addresses since sending out emails is the ideal strategy to establish relations with companies as well as generate recurring sales. The research shows that half of customers purchase products via marketing emails, at minimum one time per month.

Another thing to consider is the reality that your mailing list is a marketing channel, which you are in control of. It’s not dependent on the third party website such as a social media site that you are constantly awakened to radical adjustments (remember those privacy changes on iOS 14 privacy changes?) or discover that your account has been temporarily (or always) shut down. It’s crucial to set up your marketing emails. Once you understand what you must do to get online forms for detention email addresses, let’s take an review some of the software which can help you.

Top 10 Email Capture Tools

In no time, we present our top 10 list of top email catch software programs for 2023.

  1. OptiMonk

OptiMonk will be the most popular email-friendly software available. It’s an evolving personalization on site tool that lets you develop high-converting pop-ups and other site-specific messages. This can boost your lead-generation efforts as well as the revenue of your shop.

Main welfares:

  • Drag and drop is a simple editor for creating emails seizure forms is never more simple!
  • Access to an extensive template library of 300+ stunning built templates, all at no additional expense.
  • Customized forms: Utilize custom bases to capture further contact information, such as the date of birth or gender, address and much more.
  • Multi-step opt-in forms: Earn your users’ attention by creating a spooky mystery. Then, request contact information after the second stage or after. This can help create better-performing opt-in pages.
  • 30+ targeted features that are intellectual and activating options include Targeting URLs, value of the cart directed to products, cart value as well as many more. Find different visitor segments by modifying the message completely.
  • Google, AdBlock & GDPR secure: OptiMonk campaigns are completely GDPR compliant and Google is responsive. So customers and you are secure.
  • Deeply-analyzed analytics and insight Gain in-depth insight into the way your crusades perform and what’s the reason.
  • 30plus mail, CMS, and e-commerce integrations: Compiling the most popular ones such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, and HubSpot.
  • A/B testing: Try different variants of your business operations to determine which results more leads.

Price:Free, or from $29 per month.

  1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is among the most well-known software for marketing via email It also comes with the lead-catch capabilities built into it.

Main welfares:

  • Use email marketing services to Make list building determinations as well as marketing campaigns using an integrated platform that is suitable for.
  • Contact forms for list building Begin to build your list of email addresses with pre-built form forms for sign-ups.
  • Make a variety of contact forms. Choose from the entrenched form or multi-step forms. You can also create pop-ups.

Prices: Free, or starting at $20/month.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot provides an entire “hub” intended to help create your own business. It includes the tools needed for sales, marketing and service operations as well as website development as well as various email interment tools, including popups and landing pages.

Main welfares:

  • Lead generation form creator Create simple methods with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Include them on your site for the purpose of transforming visitors that aren’t identified to leads, which move into your CRM.
  • Creation of landing pages: Create and publish landing pages with just a few clicks without assistance from designers or IT.
  • Monitoring and controlling leads Lead nurturing: Perform lead tracking with the help of data that you’ve created and turn the lead’s information on to sales.

Pricing: From $50/month.

  1. Mailmunch

Mailmunch is the principal instrument for generation which connects landing pages, forms and other email marketing skills for you to make it easier to generate leads and then send emails with a single tool.

Main welfares:

  • Multiple email catch types Select from popovers, covers or bottom bars and scrollboxes properly aligned forms and many more to capture email addresses in each campaign.
  • Form builder for mobiles: Their form-building email catch tool allows you to create collaboration forms that are responsive to mobile devices.
  • The most powerful integration possibilities with its numerous options it is likely that Mailmunch integrates with your email provider.

Prices: From $19.99/month (up up to 1000 contacts).

  1. Wishpond

Wishpond provides a range of internet-based marketing tools as well as their email tool collective, count tools to build landing pages, sites, and even payment dispensation.

Main welfares:

  • Active options: Indicate if the pop-ups for your emails appear to be based on entries, exits, and scrolling triggers.
  • An array of tools to Benefit from Wishpond’s other tools to help you sell online.

Prices: Speak with a Wishpond expert for more information.

  1. Picreel

Picreel is a pop-up with an exit intent tool which helps generate additional leads, conversions and sales, to boost the effectiveness of your marketing.

Main welfares:

  • 100+ templates for popups: The lead detention tool allows the creation of emails that are seizeable based on over 100 pre-built templates.
  • A/B tests: Experiment with various forms to determine the one that is most effective in taking emails.
  • More than 300 integrations Compiling the most popular email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Klaviyo along with CRMs such as HubSpot.

Pricing: From $19/month. Trial for free.

  1. Sleeknote

Sleeknote offers an application that can be used to catch emails and allows you to design popups people will enjoy fast and quickly.

Main welfares:

  • A/B Test: A/B testing different headlines, pictures, and copy to determine the factors that lead to high-converting ads.
  • Modifiable templates that allow you to create stunning, attractive forms that complement the appearance and style of your web site.

Pricing: From EUR62/month. Free trial for 7 days.

  1. Privy

Privy is a marketing tool that allows users to design lead capture forms. You can then send emails messages to your customers after you’ve gathered leads.

Main welfares:

  • Cart desertion popups: By using ex-intent popups, it is possible to get leads from customers that were going to drop their carts.
  • Flexible templates that you can customize: Pick among a variety of templates for email capture, that include patterns that are designed specifically for events that are cyclical.

Price: Free, or beginning at $45 per month.

  1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster can be described as a major-generation program that aids companies selling online to transform their to convert visitors and customers into subscribers.

Main welfares:

  • Drag and drop forms builder Change all of information on your lead-catching form by using their user-friendly drag and drop tool.
  • Different lead forms are available: pick from traditional pop-ups, floating bars with full-screen overlays and slide-ins.
  • Pages-level targeting: Segment your leads using the targeting rules of OptinMonster or subdivision guidelines.

Pricing: From $14/month.

  1. Yieldify

Yieldify is a personalization of your website tool that lets you segment your viewers, provide suggestions for products, as well as display leads detention forms as well as opt-in forms.

Main welfares:

  • A/B testing: Try different versions of your campaigns to determine what emails are most effective at catching your attention.
  • Customization Options: Utilize special fields in the catch-up email form to collect information such as birthday as well as gender, address and much more.
  • Integrations: Yieldify is able to integrate to all of the most popular software for email marketing, including Mailchimp along with Klaviyo.

Price: Book a demo with their experts to find out more about the pricing options available.


In this post we’ve included the latest and most up-to-date email catch tools of 2023. Pick one of these programs for a start at securing many more emails, and increase your ROI on emails marketing problems.

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