Sweet Rush Infinity Review: metaluxo ltd scam

Sweet Rush Infinity is not a legit and good platform or website. If you are trying to win some cash in this game then you can’t do this. It’s a very intelligent scam game that is published on the iOS app store .

How Sweet Rush Infinity game works .

Its online gaming website that promise you that you will win lots of money from this platform but this all are fake and its big trap the game Developer metaluxo ltd does not provide any address or phone number that site customers can contact them in case something happens the players of this game is reporting us that the always lose their money instead of making it. The claims are registered in the UK but their license is fake and it’s not an active company on the gov.uk website as we checked recently .

Is Sweet Rush Infinity scam?

Simple answer is yes its scam once you create account with this platform the will redirect you to some sort of fake games where you need to pay 20$ for entering to any game you would like to after you paid the money using any payment method you will never win the game even its not possible to win any game in this fake app.

This scam game or website uses some famous youtubers images and videos to promote the game and also they use tiktok ads or the paid users to promote them. It’s all false marketing and the people working with them are also scammers and you can’t find them anywhere .


Sweet Rush Infinity is not a legit game and it redirects you to fake games and scam websites that can leak your personal and payment method information to the public we do not recommend you to use this game or even install it if you have any review about this website or game you can write in the comment box Thanks .

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