American Benefits Program Legit or Scam?

America’s benefits and America’s senior benefits are two different programs and people often think of them as one and become fraudsters.

 In this post, we will inform you about the US benefits program scam so that you know how it is done.

Table of contents 

  1. What is the American Benefits Program? 
  2. Is the American Benefits Program Legit or another scam?
  3. FAQs

What is the American Benefits Program?

 American Benefits Program, which claims to be a program that provides various insurances such as life insurance, product insurance, etc., targets the audience with phone calls.

 This program is also known as “American Benefits Insurance”. 

These fraudsters call unknown people and try to defraud them with different promises and discounts, and are often confused with real organisations such as America’s Benefits Group and America’s Senior Benefits, which is a useful plan for seniors in the United States. and easily carry out their theft.

Is the American Benefits Program Legit or another scam?

As we mentioned this program above, this program is completely fake and fraudulent and its only purpose is to steal money. These fraudsters make phone calls to unknown people who offer them a cheap insurance plan and ask them for an amount. 

This amount is untraceable, solutions such as digital currency are sent to the fraudsters and they immediately steal it and block the victim’s contact numbers and their act of theft ends. 

There is no way to withdraw from this type of fraud. You should know that the name of this organisation is similar to two credible and reliable organisations, people are more easily deceived, so they should understand.

It is believed that these fraudsters from South Asia have carried out their operation and will complete the purpose of stealing from the American people.


  1. Can we trust the American Benefits Program?

No, it is completely fake.

  1. From where the American Benefits Program operates?

We searched but could not find anything about the location of them.

  1. What do they call us?

It’s better for you to reject the call and report them to the appropriate organisation.

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