25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs of 2023

If you found yourself questioned in the finest frequent programs of 2023, I have to say you are in the right place. If you’ve ever felt wedged on the content treadmill, recurring commission affiliate programs are here to bond you out.

Recurring affiliate programs are dissimilar from typical associate programs in that you get rewarded more than once. For every month that a purchaser you mentioned as an associate sticks around in programs like these, you get a cut of that payment. This is a game-changer because it means your associate income starts to compound — even if you’re not creating as many new commissions every month. Recurring affiliate programs frequently offer a big monthly payout and the chance to receive recurring income. And if you choose the right associate program, you’ll even earn period commissions.

Let’s get into it by looking at the 25 finest affiliate programs for recurring revenue.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes sells plugins and melodies for WordPress websites, as well as balancing tools like mooring page A/B testing and online course building. That gives you sufficient angles for endorsing its recurrent affiliate program. And endorse it you should, because you’ll get a 25% commission for every month your mentioned customers keep paying for Thrive Themes, as well as a 35% one-off abundance commission.

Pleasantly, Thrive Themes still rewards you for sales up to two years after they stayed on your site — the longest cookie window of all the recurring affiliate programs we observed at.

URL: Thrive Themes affiliate program

Commission amount: 35% per sale + 25% recurring

Cookie period: Two years


Kartra defines itself as “the highest all-in-one platform ever”, which is some entitlement. Exactly, it offers a substantial toolkit of digital marketing tools — counting e-commerce checkout forms, a drag-and-drop page builder, and a mechanical SMS and email marketing platform — all brought together under the Kartra banner.

Separately, those tools could run to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, so Karta’s prices — reaching from $99 – $499 a month — are comparatively cheap.

However, they’re certainly high enough to make the 40% recurring commission obtainable through this recurrent affiliate program sound tremendously attractive. 

URL: Kartra affiliate program

Commission amount: 40% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 30 days


Ontraport vends business automation solutions for businesspersons and SMBs, with a feature set surrounding everything from CRM tools to e-commerce software. As with Send lane, Ontraport works a little inversely to the other periodic affiliate programs on this list. It functions as a partner program, so you’ll famine to be an Ontraport client or alter a certified consultant to tap into those juicy recurring commissions.

While it necessitates a bit of legwork to join, the rewards make it valuable. 

As well as a 25% lifetime commission, it bids weekly payouts, while top referrers who transport in 20 or more accounts per month get broadsheet check-in calls with an Ontraport VIP services director to help drive even more sales.

URL: Ontraport affiliate program

Commission amount: 25% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 30 days


Kinsta is an alternative web holding platform, this time focusing on the WordPress niche. Assuming that WordPress powers a surprising 39.5% of all websites, it has an attractive considerable target spectator. And you can tap into that audience by joining Kinsta’s recurring associate program. As with Cloudways, its periodic directive rate of 10% is nothing to write home about, but there’s sufficient of an advantage here too. For one thing, you’ll also receive a bounty payment of $50 – $500 per sale, contingent on the plan purchased.

And for another, Kinsta has a churn rate of 4%, so each customer you mention should bag you a lot of recurrent revenue.

URL: Kinta affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to $500 + 10% monthly lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 60 days


Cloudways is a cloud-based web-holding corporation that boards individuals, small businesses, and activities. It works with the five major hosting breadwinners, counting Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Engine, and has positively achieved more than 250,000 websites across dozens of data centers. Associated with the other recurrent affiliate programs on this list, Cloudways’ offer of 7% lifetime commissions looks attractive and stingy. However, to sugarcoat the deal, you’ll also get a one-time payment of $30 per sale. 

Another optimism is the low customer churn rate — after all, there is no point in talented big recurrent commissions if all your subscribers cancel in a month or two.

URL: Cloudways affiliate program

Commission amount: 7% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 90 days


SamCart is an e-commerce software company that helps online stores create shopping carts and one-page sales chimneys. Its 17,000-strong customer base has used SamCart’s tools to figure 342,000 landing pages and sell 9.7 million foodstuffs with a mutual value of more than $1.8 billion. In other words, there’s sufficient money in this industry, and you can grasp your share by joining the SamCart periodic affiliate program.

With lifetime recurring commissions of 30%, you could earn up to $995 for every customer you refer. To help you get there, SamCart proposals entree to a variety of videos, banners, and images, as well as high-converting email copy.

URL: SamCart affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: Unknown


SendLane’s email and SMS advertising software is used by more than 1,700 businesses to send over 40 million emails a day. With a Net Promoter Score of 88, it does it pretty well. Rather than a definitive periodic associate program, SendLane runs a partner program. In other words, you use its creation to produce your business, while catching up to 30% lifetime recurrent commissions for mentioning other customers.

That means there’s an advanced fence to entry than with most of the recurrent affiliate programs on this list. But if you’re equipped to cooperate on SendLane’s terms, there’s a lot of money to be made.

URL: SendLane affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to 30% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 30 days


Amusingly sufficient, LiveChat sells live chat software. Its invention — which also comprises help desk and web analytics competencies — is used by more than 32,000 businesses in 150 countries.

While a 20% frequent lifetime commission is subordinate to many of the other recurrent associate programs on this list, LiveChat has a moderately substantial 120-day cookie window, helping you get full value from the circulation you mention.

What’s more, LiveChat affiliates can offer custom discount codes and lengthier product hearings to their spectators, making it calmer to close the deal.

URL: LiveChat affiliate program

Commission amount: 20% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 120 days


HideMyAss is certainly the most exactly named VPN breadwinner out there. Relating itself to the world’s chief VPN network on the planet, HMA privileges cover 290+ countries, which is imposing given there are formally only 195 countries on the planet. Similar to the other two VPN periodic associate programs we’ve deliberated on here, HMA offers lifetime commissions for regenerations, as well as up to 100% of the early sale. As standard, you’ll receive 30% on renewals, but if you succeed in $25,000.00 – $49,999.99 in monthly associate sales, your commission surges to 35%. Sell more than $50,000 in a month and you’ll get another bump to 40%.

URL: HideMyAss affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to 40% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 30 days


Next up is PureVPN, another of the big players in the VPN market. It’s so big that it functions with more than 6,500 VPN servers in 140 countries, and has employed more than three million customers. Again, that means brand mindfulness won’t be a matter here. If your spectators are in the market for a VPN, the probabilities are they’ll have heard of PureVPN, which makes for a moderately easy sale. While its 35% commission rate is somewhat lower than NordVPN, it’s still one of the most generous recurrent associate programs on this list. And it bids a 90-day cookie window, likened to NordVPN’s 30-day window.

You’ll also get a devoted account manager to troubleshoot glitches, find new ways to carry in traffic and increase your EPC.

URL: PureVPN affiliate program

Commission amount: 35% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 90 days


NordVPN is one of the world’s prime VPN providers. With the global VPN, a market predicted to be worth almost 36$ billion by 2022, it’s perceptibly picked as a smart industry.

A group of big-name YouTubers — including PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and Philip DeFranco — use and promote NordVPN, so it’s got eccentric brand awareness. That makes it much calmer for associate marketers to promote.

And with 30% period commissions on offer for regenerations, plus up to 100% on the original sale, this recurrent affiliate program is certainly worth promoting.

URL: NordVPN affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% lifetime recurring commission

Cookie duration: 30 days


Hubstaff’s time chasing and productivity management software is right-handed by more than 40,000 businesses, counting big names like Groupon and Instacart.

With values starting at just $14 for two users, it’s easy to see why so many industries have signed up. While its affordability types Hubstaff an informal sell, you’ll need to send a lot of traffic in Hubstaff’s course if you’re going to earn dressed money through this recurrent affiliate program, which pays 30% recurring commissions.

A couple of small precautions about this associate marketing program — first, charges are only paid for the first 12 months, rather than as lifetime commissions. And second, commissions are salaried after those 12 months have passed, so you’ll have to wait a long time to see a return.

URL: Hubstaff affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% recurring commissions for 12 months

Cookie period: Unknown


Mangools proposes a whole suite of SEO tools, from backlink and keyword investigation to rank chasing and SERP visualization. It’s valued at the inferior end of the market, with plans starting at just $29.90 a month. It also bids a 10-day free trial, making it even more available for your spectators. According to Mangools, its periodic affiliate program pays out a regular of $487 per month to each associate. Do that and you’re well on your way to making a job with excess income. The commission rate is a flat 30% and pays out for the life of the account so that periodic income can quickly add up.

The only minor downside is the 30-day cookie window, which is the joint-shortest of all the recurrent associate programs in this article.

URL: Mangools affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime commission

Cookie period: 30 days


As SEO tools go, Serpstat is about as prevalent as it gets. It’s the most successful product in its category on Appsumo and also the most-upvoted SEO tool on Produce Hunt. Plus, it’s received a 4.6-star rating on G2 from over 400 reviews. Belief factors like those make it a lot smoother to inspire your spectators that Serpstat is worth buying (although it’s not cheap, with prices initial at $55 a month). The commission structure of Serpstat’s recurring affiliate program is constructed around the volume of new customers you drive, starting at 5% and climbing to:

  • 10% from 1st to 5th payment
  • 20% from 5th to 20th payment
  • 30% from the 22nd first payment

URL: Serpstat affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to 30% lifetime recurring commission

Cookie period: 30 days

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a website producer for WordPress sites. With a five-star Trustpilot rating and a customer base of more than 765,000 business holders and web designers, it’s good at what it does. More than 30,000 affiliates are receiving over $3 million a year endorsing Elegant Themes, making it one of the most popular periodic affiliate programs out there. It’s also one of the finest recurring affiliate programs in terms of making potential, paying a periodic 50% on yearly renewals. In other words, you’ll keep making inactive income as long as your referrals keep paying to use its numerous WordPress themes. And with one of the lengthiest cookie durations on this list, Elegant Themes gives you every chance to monetize the circulation you drive.

URL: Elegant Themes affiliate program

Commission amount: 50% recurring annual commissions

Cookie period: 180 days


Moosend is an extra email marketing tool that claims a ton of additional functionality, from CRM and subdivision tools to chasing and reporting. Its client list comprises household-name companies like Domino’s Pizza and Vogue, but it’s still reasonable. Moosend’s entry-level plan is free forever, while its mid-tier Pro plan starts at just $8 a month.

With 30% lifetime recurring commissions and a 90-day cookie window, this is previously one of the best recurring affiliate programs out there.

But that’s not all. When a customer hits your associate link, registers for the free tier then upgrades to a paid plan at a later date, you succeed for the commission — even if they upgrade more than 90 days after the initial sign-up.

URL: Moosend affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime recurring commission

Cookie period: 90 days


Teachable is one of Thinkific’s biggest participants. 

While there are delicate differences between the two harvests, they fundamentally do the same thing, although Teachable’s costs a little more and doesn’t offer a free row.

The business model is indistinguishable from Thinkific, which means you’ll need to appeal to content creators on the platform to earn money through its recurring associate program. Again, it offers lifetime commissions — so the longer your referred customers keep using Teachable, the more you’ll earn.

While its commission structure starts at 30%, you can earn recurrent commissions of up to 50% by hitting convinced monthly thresholds.

URL: Teachable affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% recurring lifetime commission

Cookie duration: 90 days


Thinkific aids content creators to build and endorse online courses and membership sites. Over the years, more than 50,000 creators have used the platform to earn over $650 million in sales. Thinkific controls content creators’ monthly fees to use its tool, so its recurrent affiliate program is built around enticing new creators. Every time you mention a creator, you’ll earn a recurring 30% directive on their monthly or annual plans for the period of their stay with Thinkific. That means a single transfer could pocket up to $1,700 a year.

URL: Thinkific affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime recurring commission

Cookie period: 90 days 


Leadpages’ website and mooring page software has aided more than 40,000 small business marketers to advance their sites and lead generation strategies. As well as the existence of an easy-to-use landing page builder, it lets clientele create things like alert bars and popups. With prices reaching from $27 – $239 a month, Leadpages isn’t the most inexpensive tool on the market. That might make it a somewhat tougher sell, but its top-tier commissions are the joint-highest of all the recurring affiliate programs we’ve looked at, so it’s certainly worth the effort.

Every Leadpages associate starts out earning a recurring commission of 10% per sale, but you can rapidly level up your commission rate by driving more referrals:

  • Refer $50 – $2,999.99 in monthly sales to qualify for 40% recurring commissions
  • Climb to 50% commissions for sales of more than $3,000 a month

URL: Leadpages affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to 50% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 30 days


GetResponse clients use its email marketing software to send almost 765 million emails every single week. In other words, it’s a pretty immense deal. Outside email, it also automates common digital marketing tasks and builds landing pages. As well as presenting a “traditional” abundance expense of $100 per sale, GetResponse runs one of the best recurring affiliate programs on the market. Once accepted, you’ll earn a 33% lifetime periodic commission on every customer you denote, with commissions paid around the 20th of every month.

With prices climbing as high as $580 a month, there’s serious money to be made here.

URL: GetResponse affiliate program

Commission amount: 33% recurring lifetime commissions

Cookie period: 120 days


AWeber is an email marketing podium, although it also does a lot of other stuff, like permitting customers to build landing pages and send web push notices. It even offers e-commerce functionality. While AWeber has a free product tier, it’s the Pro plan — priced from $16.15 per month — that you’ll be approving through this recurrent affiliate program.

When someone you refer signs up for an AWeber account, you’ll receive a 30% recurring commission on the original sale, plus 30% on all upcoming payments (paid monthly). To benefit you and get full value from your recommendations, AWeber offers a tremendously substantial 365-day cookie window, which is the lengthiest of the recurring affiliate programs we’ve seen.

URL: AWeber affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 365 days


ConvertKit is an all-in-one email marketing podium for online creators that also offers e-commerce tools and landing page-building functionality. If you want resistance that ConvertKit bargains one of the finest recurring associate programs out there, look no further than the datum that its partner including-name affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn of Smart Inactive Income. With recurring lifetime commissions of 30% for every denoted customer, it’s not hard to envisage why he signed up.

Affiliate dealers who join the ConvertKit recurring affiliate program get lots of help to exploit performance, counting a tutorial with Pat Flynn, plus graphics, video assets, and immortal webinars.

URL: ConvertKit affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 90 days


ClickFunnels is an auctions funnel and website manufacturer aimed at non-coding entrepreneurs. Its product has aided more than 110,000 customers to earn almost $12 billion in joint sales. Sign up for the ClickFunnels periodic affiliate program and you’ll succeed for an introductory 20% lifetime commission rate, which was previously pretty healthy. Better still, it scales from there:

  • Earn $1,000 in monthly commissions to smear for 30% recurrent commissions
  • Hit 40 vigorous live accounts for at least 30 days and you can further upsurge your commission rates to 40%

As if that wasn’t sufficient, you can also bag a $100 abundance commission per sale of ClickFunnels’ “One Funnel Away” and “30 Days” products.

URL: ClickFunnels affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to 40% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: Lifetime


MailerLite is an email marketing instrument constructed with ease of use in mind. Despite its name, MailerLite offers a packed feature set, including a drag-and-drop editor that permits users to project beautiful emails without any HTML skills. In terms of effortlessness, it also runs one of the best recurring affiliate programs we’ve observed at. Refer a customer and you’ll earn 30% per sale for as long as they stick with MailerLite — what could be calmer than that?

To help you along, you’ll get admission to the same specialized branding and content marketing assets used by Millerites’ in-house team.

URL: MailerLite affiliate program

Commission amount: 30% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 30 days


ActiveCampaign isn’t just an additional email platform. It also offers all the CRM tools and marketing automation that products need to bring better customer experiences. With prices reaching from $9 – $229 a month, it appeals to wide spectators, making it easier to endorse through your affiliate website.

And it’s certainly worth promoting because the regular affiliate earns $1,350 per sale through an active campaign’s recurrent affiliate program. For every customer you mention, you’ll earn at least 20% in recurring commissions for as long as they keep using ActiveCampaign. Based on the volume of sales you drive and their holding rate, your baseline commission could hike as high as 30%.

URL: ActiveCampaign affiliate program

Commission amount: Up to 30% lifetime recurring commissions

Cookie period: 90 days


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