9 Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives for 2023

Top ActiveCampaign Competitors & Alternatives 2023

ActiveCampaign is a large-scale automated method of publicizing. It’s quite a unique marketing tool however it’s not suitable for all users. We’re thrilled to see you here since we’ve got several fantastic ActiveCampaign alternatives to share with you as well as a plan that is free.

Due to the extensiveness of capabilities, we’ve included an array of options to ActiveCampaign to accommodate different businesses and their needs. A few years ago, ActiveCampaign was the only email marketing platform that could claim it right in promoting user-friendlyness and powerful automation. However, things have changed. There’s an endless array of marketing tools via email and many of them have similar or superior features and designs.

So, let’s look at the details. Following is the Activecampaign Alternatives,


Other “blue” marketing automation platform has been slowly taking customers away from other services like ActiveCampaign. Sendinblue mimics the best features of AC however it does so at the same price, and is scalable. I’m not sure how they accomplish it however, it’s what they do. They’re among the most prominent brand names to emerge in the field of marketing automation. Automation isn’t a sprawling thing and it’s also admirable in fact, it lets you quickly establish rules and conditions to trigger the actions you wish to take to perform, ranging from sending SMS and emails to organizing contacts into various lists. There are multiple workflows in the same list of contacts, with workflows completing and seamlessly guiding users to a different.

Sendinblue Advantages Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives

  • Similar to ActiveCampaign segments, but pricing plans can be scaled better when you are at the highest levels.
  • Multiple workflows running simultaneously within the same workflow list
  • Easy to use and easy to start with, basic marketing automation
  • The free plan pricing layer is available with unlimited contacts, but not for unlimited emails (up 300 emails per day)
  • Analytics for your email using Heatmap to improve buyer’s journey, and pinpoint “leaks” in your marketing chimney

Sendinblue Disadvantages

  • There aren’t as many marketing CRM features such as lead-scoring or two-way CRM sync as ActiveCampaign
  • Only permits you to create accounts for multiple users of the advanced plans.
  • There aren’t as many third-party integrations (e.g., ActiveCampaign has more Zapier integration options)
  • There’s no simple way to set up double opt-in emails
  • Limits one user per account to be able to start (ActiveCampaign allows you to add 3 more users before you start)

Sendinblue is only concerned about the amount of emails that you send each month starting at just $25 per month on the Starter plan, $65 per month for business plans, as well as $1000 per monthly for Enterprise users. It’s a wide-ranging pricing structure for those who don’t send regularly.

The trial is not free for the Business or Starter plan, but the free plan is a great way to begin.


EngageBay is a one-stop sales, marketing and service platform, with a free CRM. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses it comes with an extensive set of tools that can be used to gather and create customer databases to automate tedious tasks, streamline sales processes, and offer excellent customer service. All seamlessly integrated into one product. The program is split into three parts: the Marketing Bay the Sales Bay, and the Service Bay.

Engagebay pros and pros and

  • CRM marketing Automation, Sales, and Service all fought for
  • It is ideal for businesses that are just beginning their journey online
  • A great value for a large range of features
  • A less expensive alternative to HubSpot is what many are searching for.
  • Email editors and form editors are simple to use


Omnisend can be described as an online marketing automation platform which can handle your email, SMS and push notifications on the web.

It is a precise application that makes it a breeze for sellers of e-commerce (and Shopify email). It’s an omnichannel automation system, specifically designed for sellers selling across various channels. You can build customized campaigns using the drag-and-drop builder by using blocks of content that can be inserted into your space wherever you’d like. You can also create an eCommerce-specific separation that lets you sort your viewers by transactional events and purchases, and you can segment customers according to the products they’re purchasing or the value of their regular orders, and the date of their purchase.

Omnisend Advantages

  • A purpose-built eCommerce email platform
  • Numerous conversion-boosting email templates and automation are available from the start
  • It is less expensive in comparison to ActiveCampaign (contingent on the AC plan you prefer it to)
  • Many third-party integrations available, exactly like ActiveCampaign
  • It is more user-friendly and less cluttered UX/UI as compared to ActiveCampaign

Omnisend Disadvantages

  • This isn’t the best solution If you’re not selling your products in a steadfast manner (e.g. but not on online)
  • Options for live customer sustenance that aren’t available
  • You will need to connect an eCommerce store in order to allow it to work


Ontraport is an automation and CRM platform that is designed to work with any business that is ready for growth and provides all the tools you require for marketing, vending and managing an online business with one application. If you loved ActiveCampaign for the topographies that are CRM-lite, Ontraport is an entirely “grown up” CRM marketing software application for 360-degree contact management and development. It’s a bit more technical but also more effective.

Ontraport Advantages

  • A lot more fully in the CRM camp, with fully-farmed automated workflows
  • More accurate prophetic analytics are built-in to ensure optimal time to send
  • Contact management from end-to-end and managing relationships
  • Not as elegant as similar alternatives from CRMs such as InfusionSoft (by keeping)
  • Strong omnichannel marketing plans
  • 14-Day Free Trial offer to get started
  • Alerts on sales in real-time
  • Proven track record in business as marketing facilities to create automated campaign structure

Ontraport Disadvantages

  • A little more challenging to setup with a more difficult to learn (likened similar to ActiveCampaign)
  • In essence, more luxurious than ActiveCampaign
  • The limited social media CRM features of the company are

Ontraport Pricing The Basic Plan starts at $79 per month plus Plan at $147/month and Professional Plan at $297/month and an Enterprise Plan for $497 per month.


GetResponse is possibly the closest in style to ActiveCampaign and offers an entire automation system and autoresponder functions for a typically lower cost (contingent on the same level).

Utilizing autoresponders in a responsible manner is an effective and easy aspect of marketing via email. GetResponse recognizes this and permits you to utilize reformed RSS-to email templates, which include the capability to send out emails right after publishing or combining posts into weekly, daily or monthly summary. Users can also share automatically on the two platforms: Facebook or Twitter.

GetResponse Advantages

  • Plans and basic plans are less extravagant than ActiveCampaign
  • The best webinar automation sequences, as well as page landings (only email service I’ve seen that can offer this)
  • Mobile app that is extremely useful and efficient
  • Real-time sales alerts
  • A long-running business, and one of the pioneer lead development tools for marketing automation.
  • Highest rates of email delivery

GetResponse Disadvantages

  • Duplicate contacts count against the limits of the subscriber limit
  • Enterprise and Pro plans are more lavish than comparable ActiveCampaign plans (don’t scale the same)
  • The tools for CRM are limited and not compatible with ActiveCampaign
  • Social media posts are not as effective.
  • It’s not quite as easy to use or intuitive as ActiveCampaign

GetResponse Pricing All plans begin with a maximum subscriber of 1000. Prices start with features. $15/month for Basic Plan, $49/month for Plus Plan, $99/month for Professional Plan, and $1,199/month for Enterprise Plan.


Drip, an online marketing software that is perfect for those who need continuous automation and instant tracking within a simple-to-use application.

The program lets you rapidly expand your online business and establish email-based operations within minutes. There’s a wide selection of pre-designed templates that can help speed things up, or should you prefer creating your own by using a convenient drag-and-drop editor.

With the film editor, you’ll be able insert the basic elements you require for desktop and mobile devices, be it buttons, images or social media icons or even new text segments. I found it to be a great tool to use in general, particularly because you can rearrange elements or remove sections in a single click.

Additionally, Drip features various pre-built automation plans that cover a variety of online-based functions like cart abandonment customers win-backs, cart desertion, and Cyber Monday sales. It also has the ability to market mobile customers via the use of SMS and powerful subdivision tools to deliver content to the right customers and provide a customized guidance by analytics.

It’s an excellent tool that most users will appreciate in their marketing toolbox.

Drip Advantages

  • Modern email automation, that’s simple to use throughout
  • On-site analytics to ensure that content is delivered to the most relevant people
  • A number of lists may be tied to a master account with additional subaccounts. No need to purchase a different account for each list.
  • You can quickly target mobile users using SMS-based operations

Drip Disadvantages

  • Contacts cannot be imported into other systems, for example Excel files
  • The integration needs to be further developed with third-party tools
  • You can become exclusive if you have many contacts

Prices for DripDrip’s costs are determined by the number of subscribers who are on your list of email recipients. It’s a straightforward pricing system however, it also means that things can become expensive. For instance 30000 email addresses will cost you $449 monthly.

A 14-day trial of the free trial is available and there is no need for a credit card.


ConvertKit is specifically designed for satisfied bloggers and site owners, with flawless and powerful automation makers and tools as well as easy-to-use opt in-in-in builders and outstanding customer support. The whole package is some premium cost, but is highly valued if you’re in the audience.

You’ll be able make pier pages and create signup forms for your blog. Each ConvertKit account comes with unlimited pages and forms, therefore there’s no limitation–especially with the option of adding dropdown lists to your forms in order to get more information from contributors. Filtering systems also let you create subscription groups according to everything from tags to custom fields for forms as well as areas, and there’s a no limit on the amount of sections you could create.

ConvertKit Advantages

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive workflows even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • The design was created with bloggers in mind.
  • Exit-intent and Progressive Logic opt-in to emails
  • Clean marketing border
  • Patterns of email that are blog-centric

ConvertKit Disadvantages

  • If you’re not a blogger or a photographer, you may be paying too much for the landscapes that you receive
  • In general, more expensive marketing software is more expensive than its peers.
  • E-commerce tools are not sufficient for marketing and sales operations
  • Each website or URL requires an individual account (no Bundling multiple lists, as ActiveCampaign). ActiveCampaign)

ConvertKit Costs Start at $29/month with up to 1000 subscribers, and go up to $49/month for a maximum of 3000 subscribers, and $79/month for up to 5000 subscribers, and then an adjustable scale for bigger plans.


If you’re looking for an even more robust full-spectrum CRM automation tool and marketing hub (more than just an email marketing tool) Hubspot marketing is the next step to take into consideration in the context of an ActiveCampaign competitor. Hubspot CRM is an LONG experience in this area and is well-known for its free CRM (and highly extravagant accessories).

The drag-and-drop editor is straightforward and allows you to alter the layout, call-to actions, and even mark the email easy. The emails themselves are synchronized through HubSpot’s CRM database, which ensures that the accuracy of the information and current. Additionally, you’ll be able to discover A/B tests that will can help you determine which subjects are the most attention and you can also arrange or send your emails within a couple of clicks after you’re satisfied. The presentation tab reveals will show everything from your open rate to your click rate, deliverability and the most popular click-through rates for the top hyperlinks.

Hubspot Advantages

  • Fully-featured and free CRM marketing stage to begin (although it is mandatory to pay for extend to the complete suite)
  • It is cost-effective to syndicate your marketing tools using Hubspot (as as the title implies)
  • Fantastic for massive marketing and sales teams.
  • Great lead management, scoring and score
  • Fully automated workflows (and templates that are pre-designed to be followed)
  • Analytics dashboards that are deeper and have more sections and views (compared with ActiveCampaign)
  • Hubspot marketing hub extensibility

Hubspot disadvantages

  • It’s free at first, but becomes lavish quickly as you increase your size.
  • Could be a waste of time for simple companies (e.g. If you are just looking to automatize email through Hubspot marketing via email)

HubSpot Price: offers email automation as part of their Marketing Hub Starter plan. The price starts at $45 a month and provides 1,000 marketing contacts.

The Professional tier starts at $800 per monthly for 2000 contact while the Enterprise tier is further beginning at 3600 per month for 10,000 contacts.


The Aweber email marketing program is in operation for a while in the field of email marketing as one of service leaders for small-sized businesses. If you’ve previously written Aweber off as lacking sufficient marketing automation capabilities It’s time to check the cost of its platform again. In the last couple of months, Aweber has almost totally brought back its automation features (to great effect).

Aweber Advantages

  • Numerous Integrations (including Shopify, WordPress, PayPal, Facebook, etc.
  • A substantial 30-day trial period of Free Trial
  • Double opt-in is a simple way to sign up to sign-ups
  • Simple-to-use marketing and email-based campaigns (with built-in use cases)
  • A whopping 700+ email designs to choose from (email templates for every type of business)
  • A long track record in the interplanetary market for marketing software (since the beginning of 2000s)

Aweber Disadvantages

  • Plans begin at $19 per month, which is more than the first tier of ActiveCampaign.
  • Slow to react to changes in marketing automation (although this may be changing)
  • Problems with list travel and moving lists
  • Unsubscribes are shown as a subscription

Pricing with Aweber The service can be started at no cost for up to 500 email subscribers as well as 3000 email messages per month. The Pro pricing begins at $16.15 per month. It includes the ability to analyze data and unlimited email lists as well as the removal of any AWeber branding.


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