9 Best Web-Hosting Affiliate Programs: How To Promote Web-Hosting Affiliates?


If you were told that someone earned thousands of dollars while sleeping, what do you tell them? You’d likely reject the claims as a hoax, then call them insane and continue believing that it’s impossible to make this amount (or in any way) without working “at working.”. “

How do they earn this money? The answer is easy affiliate marketing. 

The first website was launched in August 1991. We have 1.72 billion active websites. Each one of them is on a website host. It is part of an estimated $115.3 billion market for the next five years. What do you think?


It’s not too far from the shore but still within swimming distance.

A myriad of websites has incorporated the online free tools known as the concept of content marketing into 5-figure monthly commission checks.

What’s keeping you from replicating the same level of success:

  1. Effort
  2. The best affiliate programs

In the true Authority Hacker fashion, we made sure to pull all the stops and delve deep into the top-paying Web hosting affiliate programs available.

Here’s what we’ve found.

However, what is the primary principle that you must constantly struggle to observe is this:

For affiliate marketers, you must only recommend web hosting providers that you are familiar with and only recommend web hosts that you have previously used and which have helped you in some way.

If you need to figure out the product, it will benefit people.

If you don’t know the software, have used it effectively for yourself, and can demonstrate that to your readers and others, you shouldn’t be able to expect them to believe what you say. — Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome 

If you have a blog or site with a niche comparable to or linked to Web Hosting, WordPress, or any topic connected to Web mastering, you need to join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program to market your blog.

This article will help you to choose the best Web Hosting Affiliate Program to join.

Why do You need to join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

You may need clarification on why we mentioned before that you need to join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program!

As mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. One of the most popular affiliate programs that sell well online is the Websites Hosting Affiliate program.

Particularly for those who write about niches related to web mastering, e.g., Blogging, WordPress Plugins, and themes, or even for every website holder.

You can effortlessly earn good profits by writing a single post about a Web hosting company or service review or even by displaying a banner or link without trailing your blog visitors.

How do Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Work?

Typically, Affiliate programs pay you only when you mention a new customer, and he makes a qualified purchase.

A qualified purchase is a hosting service purchase that meets certain principles (i.e., minimum purchase duration, your investments are not calculated, etc.)

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, buys a hosting service, or uses your custom coupon code during purchasing, you will be accredited for this sale if it is qualified.

Best Web-Hosting Affiliate Programs

We have collected the best from the market; below are the best Web-hosting affiliate programs. 

Kinsta Affiliate Program 

Kinsta stands in a sea of cookie-cutter web hosts for several motives. Firstly, they propose real managed WordPress hosting, paying lip service to that thought. We’ve verified many web hosts over the years, and Kinsta is our preferred choice.

And finally, Kinsta is hugely complicated in the web hosting and advanced industry to the point where they’ve even established their plugins to help you enhance any WordPress install.

Kinsta, however, is affordable. Prices start at $30 monthly for a single website, so this service is intended for pro affiliate marketers. We’re pouring a bit here, but we like these guys.

The Kinsta Web-Hosting affiliate program is run in-house because they got exhausted from dealing with affiliate networks. It also brings them more financial leverage to reward their affiliates with up to $500 per mentioned sale.

That’s a shitload of affiliate commission, even for this function. So that makes this the most profitable Web hosting affiliate program in this roundup. They have a shallow churn rate, so repayments are negligible. 


  • Google Cloud C2
  • Recurring commissions
  • Support is “world-class.”


  • PHP worker limits
  • Starts at $30/month
  • Not as fast as some claim

URL: Kinsta affiliate program

Commission: Up to $500 per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine has been everywhere since 2010, and in that time, they’ve gone from being comparatively unknown to powering 500,000 WordPress sites for customers in 120 different countries.

WP Engine is also behind StudioPress themes and the Genesis Framework for WordPress. So, your visitors will not only get an entry to some of the best Web hosting out there if they sign up for WP Engine, but they’ll also obtain access to both StudioPress and Genesis as a bonus.

This type of accomplished WordPress hosting is relatively inexpensive, with monthly prices starting at $30 each, but you can get a deep discount by paying a year or two in advance. Some people will hesitate at the idea of paying thirty bucks each month to keep their website online, but you do get what you pay for when it comes to this spectacle.

WP Engine’s listed affiliate commission construction is a bit puzzling, particularly the “200%” part. You’ll make an average of $140.53 for every affiliate transfer you send their way. You also have 180 days for your lead to change to a sale. There’s a supplementary bonus structure obtainable, so if you mention more than five customers each month to WP Engine, you get an additional $100 in commission (total), all the way up to a $1,500 bonus for 60 customers mentioned each month. It’s one of the short programs that bid a straight bonus program at this stage, so you can look forward to debating it with your enthusiastic affiliate manager.


  • $200 commissions
  • $50 2-tier commissions
  • No climbing tiers
  • Generous bonuses


  • No email hosting
  • No free migration
  • Slower than other hosts
  • Reversal rates were 24%

URL: WP Engine affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 200%

EPC: $100.42

Cookie duration: 180 days

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloud hosting has been around for a while. But what CloudWays bargains with its customers is that you can indicate from five different cloud providers to act as the main Piler for your account.

So, unlike other hosts where you’re trapped with their high-quality service substructure, with Cloudways, you can indicate to use Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, or Google Cloud hosting in its place. These selections are SSD-based, and for an added speed boost, each account is also associated with the CloudWays CDN.

And the final predicament of icing on this cake is your traffic also gets 24/7/365 support, with answer times as low as 30 minutes when using their premium support option. At face value, $50 per transfer in affiliate commissions is respectable. But that’s their base commission rate for an affiliate making 1 – 5 sales.

If you mention more than 45 customers monthly, your commission rate can be $125 per sale. There’s also a descending scale for anyone referring 6 – 20 and 21 – 45 new clients monthly.

An additional gratuity is being able to work directly with your affiliate manager. 


  • Monthly pricing
  • Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Vultr High Frequency
  • Redis Object Cache Pro
  • Multiple caching layers
  • 30% off three months coupon
  • Custom coupon codes too


  • Apache servers
  • No file manager
  • No email hosting
  • Verification issues
  • Pricey as you scale
  • Technical for some
  • The breeze plugin is so-so

URL: Cloudways affiliate program

Commission:  $50 per sale

EPC: $57.49

Cookie duration: 90 days

SiteGround Affiliate Program

Choosing a web host for your initial affiliate websites can be intimidating. But our TASS Students know that we’ve gone out of our reach to find a web host they’d find easy to set up and use. And that web host is SiteGround, which also occurs to bid on affiliate programs.

You can get SiteGround WordPress hosting for as little as $3.95 each month, but they still need to cut any angles when it comes to serving customers or sites. Your website will route on SSD hardware, and they even toss in an SSL credential.

Their WordPress plans twitch at just $9.95 each month, and you get much of that money. That contains 10GB of storage space, free WordPress installation, free CDN, and even a free SSL certificate to get you that HTTPS love from Google.

SiteGround has also overwhelmed us in the past with the superiority of its technical and customer support.

Here we have an additional web host that manages its affiliate program.

So, what do they offer their affiliates?

You get paid up to $75 for each new customer that signs up with them through your affiliate link. But that rate is only paid for 20+ referrals each month – their base affiliate commission rate is $40 per sale.


  • Popular
  • Low intro price for one year
  • SG Optimizer plugin is free
  • It has grown in the last few years
  • Recommended by WordPress


  • Slow TTFB + CPU limits
  • Affiliate TOS is unethical
  • History of price increases
  • Tries to cover up mistakes
  • Google N2 servers are so-so

URL: SiteGround affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $75 per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days


A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 hosting is all about speed and quickness. They can be up to 20x quicker than their competitors, boasting that their customer sites have 1-second page load times. They also bid on everything from shared to devoted hosting solutions, catering to small hobby sites to entire businesses or e-commerce platforms.

WordPress’ Lite shared hosting twitches at $3.60 per month for a single site, all the way up to their professional WordPress hosting options costing $35 per month for unlimited websites. And all new accounts get a free SSL cert, a pledge to 99.9% uptime for your sites, and skilled customer and technical support.

There is a question in our mind, how do they treat their affiliates?

Pretty damn good – you can earn up to $125 per sale if you’re able to refer more than 31 new customers each month. But even at the lower end of the scale, they still pay a very reputable $55 per referral.

So, this can be a very profitable program for any affiliate eager to make an effort.


  • Cheap
  • Two-tier program
  • LightSpeed on higher plans


  • 2019 ransomware attack
  • LightSpeed only on higher plans
  • Lowered their commission rates

URL: A2 Hosting affiliate program

Commission: Up to $125 for every sale

Cookie duration: 90 days


Scala Hosting Affiliate Program

Have you ever heard of Scala Hosting before? They’ve been on the track of hosting websites since 2007, so they’ve been around a lot longer than most of their competitors.

Your visitors can get shared, WordPress, or accomplished cloud hosting with Scala, so they impulse all the boxes. Their USP is the most inexpensive managed VPS hosting plan globally, opening at $12 per month. They’re doing something correct because they have over 50,000 customers and host over 700,000 websites. The company advertised on the billboard for the first time. This medium will attract new customers.

First, you’ll need an account with Rakuten LinkShare to endorse the Scala Hosting affiliate program. Regarding how much you can produce, they pay a base affiliate commission of $35 per transfer for standard shared hosting, but they pay a flat rate of $120 per sale for VPS hosting. They also want their affiliates to publish content on IT subjects or review IT products and services.

That’s worth bearing in mind when you smear this program, i.e., create content that verifies you meet their necessities.


  • Up to $200/sale
  • 5/5 TrustPilot rating
  • Affordable VPS hosting


  • Not well-known
  • Getting used to SPanel
  • A few reports of lousy billing

URL: Scala Hosting affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $200 for every sale


Cookie duration: 30 days

Hostgator Affiliate Program


It’s almost unbearable to put together a roundup of hosting affiliate programs without mentioning one of their granddaddies – Hostgator. Most affiliate sites were motorized by Hostgator at the time simply because they presented very dependable and reasonable hosting. I had a reseller account with them for about 12 years until EIG assimilated them, and we had a solemn falling out.

Anyways, HostGator is still an enormously popular web host and presents ultra-cheap hosting with prices starting at just $2.75 each month. Your guests can also depend on them for fast WordPress hosting or even high-end VPS or devoted Web hosting for more challenging sites or applications.

Any affiliate endorsing this proposal will earn a flat $75 commission rate for each transfer.

But HostGator is willing to reward top artists with an advanced commission rate. For example, if you mention more than 20 sales each month, they’ll raise your affiliate commission rate to $125 per signup.


  • Cheap
  • Coupon codes


  • Overall bad host
  • High cancellation rate

URL: HostGator affiliate program

Commission: Up to $125 per referral

EPC: $19.99

Cookie duration: 60 days


Bluehost Affiliate Program

Yes, we know that every one of the “best website hosts” articles you find online features Bluehost. However, we are not here to analyze their current services – the focus is on the BlueHost affiliate program. But in general terms, BlueHost is another EIG company that bids its customers shared, WordPress, VPS, and devoted web hosting.

Their prices are also very modest, with shared and WordPress hosting opening at just $3.58 monthly for a single website. But you need to sign up for their 36-month plan to get this substantial discount, so that’s something to deliberate. And each entry-level plan covers a free domain name and SSL certainty for your first year with the service.

First, the BlueHost affiliate program has a substantial 120-day cookie to work with – this is way overhead industry standards. You’ll also earn $65 for every effective transfer you make through an affiliate link.

And this is from a company that paid its associates over US$5 million in commissions last year unaccompanied. If you can find a whole and moral way to promote this affiliate program, it can significantly value the effort. 


  • Cheap
  • Well-known
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • More sales = higher commissions


  • EIG-owned
  • Slow TTFB
  • Bad support
  • History of outages

URL: BlueHost affiliate program

Commission:  $65 per referral

EPC: $35.09

Cookie duration: 120 days

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web promises to deliver high-end hosting services for small and medium-sized companies. This is a compelling message since Liquid Web has signed up more than 45,000 customers and manages more than 500 000 websites.

It is important to note that the Liquid Web affiliate program is offered through Impact Radius, and you’ll have to join the affiliate network before applying. If accepted to join the program, you’ll earn up to 150 percent of the monthly hosting costs for each sale you refer to, with a minimum payout of $150.

If you recommend a client to a $29/month bundle, it’s still possible to earn 150 dollars in commission. With the 50% bonus offered on prepaid and prepaid plans, you could make up to $7,000 in a single transaction. Equally impressive, you will also receive an ample 90-day cookie timeframe giving you plenty of time to conclude the sale.

Impact Radius accepts payments directly through Direct Transfer, and BACS Impact Radius pays via direct transfer or BACS PayPal in any currency you prefer. The liquid Web also offers web hosting credits as a method of payment.


  • $150/sale
  • Great support
  • Decent reputation


  • Not very popular
  • Reports support got worse
  • Reports of no customer loyalty

URL: Liquid Web affiliate program

Commission: $150+

EPC: $3.97

Cookie duration: 90 days

How To Promote a Web-Hosting Affiliate?

If you intend to make money online, selling affiliate products is an excessive way of making online income. Affiliate programs offer bundles of special offers and commissions. Endorsing hosting services is one of the most exciting ways to earn affiliate revenue.

How To Make Sales Through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Recommend The Web Host You Use

Direct and honest website marketing can be the most efficient way to increase revenue from affiliate marketing. Don’t just promote affiliate products because they can bring you more income. You should be aware of the reliability aspect also. Take a look at this – you’ll be better positioned to deliver web hosting-related advice to your customers when using the web hosting service first. If you use the web hosting service, you’re conversing, and you’ll have more facts to share.

Publish Unbiased Web Hosting Reviews

Suppose you want to boost the affiliate program for Web hosting sales and post objective and dependable reviews on your site. If you can provide honest details to your customers on the assistance and drawbacks of the web hosting service you use, it will allow you to boost sales without putting in lots of effort. Write countless reviews on the web hosting services you wish to advertise. Additionally, it is crucial to know how your competitors promote Web hosting services by reviewing them and making a profit from affiliate marketing.

Promote Your Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Advertise your affiliate Web hosting program by any means you can. You need to reach a broader market to increase sales. Here are some straightforward approaches for promoting affiliate programs:

  • Comprise your affiliate web hosting hyperlinks in the sidebar or footer
  • Write product reviews following the guidelines mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.
  • Operate your social media accounts to expand the impact of your posts
  • Make an email subscriber list, and promote the affiliate program on webhosting.com.

When doing this, you need to ensure you don’t look like you’re a spammer! Be conscious of the commercials you post, which must seem genuine; otherwise, you could be causing harm to your distribution. With the promotion, you need to assist your readers in deciding which Web hosting sponsor can serve them well.

Hosting Discount Coupons

Most Web hosting companies deliver coupon codes frequently to increase sales. It is conceivable to keep an eye on the latest discount coupons. You can receive the newest information from your affiliate account or set a Google alert to inform you about the latest coupons. If you discover a unique coupon code, let your readers know about it via blog posts, a banner, email newsletters, or social networking websites. Creating an additional coupon section on your website or blog can also promote coupon codes. Sometimes hosting companies will also offer modified coupon codes to affiliates. If you have one, use it to encourage coupon code promotion.

Offer ‘Something Extra’ To Your Visitors

If you’re a brand-new blogger looking for quick methods to upsurge the income of your affiliates, the trick is to provide something additional for free to users. For instance, you can offer a cost blog setup, ideas for a theme for your website or design, writing assistance for no-cost SEO, and so on when guests click on your affiliate links to purchase web hosting through your blog. So, both you and your customers are in a good situation. While this may seem like an extra effort, the rewards you reap will be valued.


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