PUBG Mobile Graphic and FPS Settings 2023

Hey, PUBG Mobile fans! Are you fed up with the deprived graphics and slow gaming that decay your gaming experience? This eventual guide on varying the graphics and FPS settings has all the responses. Find the greatest settings suggested and professional advice for smooth gaming and controlling the field as never before!

Key Takeaways for PUBG Mobile Graphics and FPS

  • Improve the display’s eminence by modifying it. Develop the quality of your display with PUBG graphics choices such as Smooth Balanced HD and HDR. Ultra HD and UHD.
  • You can regulate the frame rate to guarantee smoother gaming with choices such as Medium, Low Ultra, High, Extreme, and 90 FPS.
  • Select from various themes, counting Classic, Colorful, Realistic Soft, Movie, and Soft, to change the game’s attendance.
  • Use Anti-Aliasing selections to smooth out sharp edges in your graphics by choosing Close 2, 2x, or 4x.
  • Allow players to be lodged with numerous types of color blindness using Normal, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, or Tritanopia settings.

Do you want to increase your PUBG Gaming involvement on mobile devices? Take a look! This blog is your definitive guide to playing an immersive, smooth game conceivable through enhancing your FPS and graphics in the mobile version of PUBG.

We’ll analyze the top settings for graphics and FPS in PUBG Mobile to give you an inexpensive edge. Follow this article for inclusive gaudiness.

Do not complicate FPS and graphics. They’re separate but similarly vital to guarantee the best gaming presentation. Setting your partialities can make a significant alteration to your gaming. Learn how you can enhance your settings and beat your adversaries.

What is FPS in PUBG Mobile

FPS is one of the most important metrics in PUBG Mobile, which controls the game’s speed. It is an amount of the presentation of displays, and having a better FPS specifies a sander and active gaming involvement that stretches players a benefit. But it necessitates a tremendously powerful device and an internet connection that is robust to function smoothly.

PUBG Mobile FPS Range

Low (20)

A low FPS can result in an inactive and slow gaming experience, which makes it problematic to answer rapidly during the game.

Medium (25)

Medium FPS can deliver a decent gaming experience, though it can cause infrequent faltering or slowdowns, which can delay your gaming experience.

High (30)

High FPS permits unsolidified and receptive gaming and gives players a modest edge.

Ultra (45)

Ultra FPS offers extremely fluid and seamless gaming knowledge that is free of lag and the feeling of being completely engrossed in the experience.

Extreme (60)

Extreme FPS brings the finest speed and smoothness, but it necessitates a powerful computer and a steady internet connection for it to function effortlessly.

90 FPS

90 FPS is the most influential FPS that is obtainable, bringing the most unsolidified and receptive gaming experience. It requires an extremely powerful computer and an excellent internet connection to function smoothly.

The more advanced the quality of the network connection and device, The superior your FPS and the more smooth the game gets.

What is Graphics in PUBG Mobile?

Graphics play a momentous feature within PUBG Mobile, which distresses the excellence of the graphics in the game. High-quality graphics settings offer a more authentic and immersive gaming experience but necessitate a powerful device. It’s critical to find the faultless balance between the eminence of graphics and the presentation of your device to guarantee a pleasant and smooth gaming experience.

Finding the ideal quantity between FPS and graphics quality is critical to a pleasant gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Option & Description


The Smooth option works intended for devices that have incomplete processing power. It has a lower graphics quality that keeps the game running effortlessly.


This model bids improved graphic quality and are well-matched with all devices. It’s an outstanding option for people looking for the right equilibrium between superiority and visual appeal.


This option gives you high-quality quality graphics for devices that have higher-end CPUs as well as GPUs. The game seems clearer and more accurate when you use this selection.


This is only obtainable for devices that can support high-dynamic Range graphics. This is the most advanced level of visual clearness and superior color spectrum.

Ultra HD

This is the greatest graphic quality option appropriate for high-end gadgets prepared with powerful GPUs and processors. The game’s graphics are stunning with this optimal.


This is an excellent choice only obtainable for devices that can provision Ultra High-Definition graphics. It gives you an unbelievable degree of intelligence and detail.

The balance between FPS and graphics guarantees a smooth and immersive game.

Recommended PUBG Mobile Graphics and FPS setting

Device Performance


Medium end


Recommended FPS


30-45 FPS

50-90 FPS

Recommended Graphics

Smooth or balanced

HD or balanced

Ultra HD or HDR

The convenience of each graphic option will differ based on the particular device. In addition, there are choices for anti-aliasing and colorblind modes that may be changed to enhance the gaming experience.

Tips for a smooth gaming experience (no lag) in PUBG Mobile

  • Make sure that the game is updated to the most current version.
  • Preserve the device’s software up-to-date to the most existing version.
  • Shut down all background submissions.
  • Attach to a robust Wi-Fi network.
  • Spotless the cache of your game.

The aptitude to enhance settings for graphics and FPS for ideal graphics and FPS settings in PUBG Mobile is indispensable for smooth gaming and giving you an advantage in competition. Follow the recommended settings and tricks to have a rich gaming experience.

Tips To Increase FPS PUBG Mobile

It is endorsed to unsoiled the background memory of your phone to guarantee seamless gameplay. It is optional because many apps are running on RAM as background memory, and this limits the memory accessible to play games proficiently.

This can help the game to run faster and allow for flatter gameplay. Many applications exploit RAM as background, which allows games to run without glitches.

Good Network Connection

The third reference is to have a tremendously stable connection. If you have an undependable network may experience frequent lag matters that can decay your gaming experience.

So, it is suggested to choose a top-quality internet service worker. This decreases the risk of delays by network difficulties.

PUBG Mobile gives its players several server options to deliver the best gaming experience. There are six servers to select from: Asia, Middle East, North America, KRJP, South America, and Europe.

It is optional to pick a server grounded on the current place of operation. This will guarantee you have better connectivity to your server and get freed of matters with large lag.

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