Open password-protected RARZip file without Password

How to open password protected RAR/Zip folder without Password

7 Solutions on How to Extract RAR Files without Password

Months ago, I crushed some important files into RAR format and applied a password to defend it. But I’ve forgotten the password and can’t open the RAR archive now. How can I open my encrypted RAR file without a password?

What if you have forgotten (or don’t remember) the password that encodes the RAR file? Without the password, you won’t be able to extract the file from a protected RAR archive. As you know, the WinRAR archive doesn’t deliver any function for recovering a forgotten/lost RAR password. But don’t be anxious. Just try to mend (or break) the RAR password with the given guide on the RAR extractor without a password. It’s mutual for people to add a password to defend important RAR files. However, as time goes on, people typically forgot the password to enter the file. If you have tumbled into the same condition, you may know how maddening it can be. Take yourself up do not worry. Now, this guide will explain everything to you, how to extract password-protected RAR files without a password.

Functions of Zip File

Almost everyone knows how the Folder in Windows works, what you need to do is, just bead all your files into the single Folder. Now you can deliver the Folder with all your subjects anywhere on your computer, or you may transfer that folder to some other hard drive.

Well, if we talk about the zip files, they also work correspondingly, but you may have noticed that when you drop your files in a “folder” (Zip File), the size of the zip file is trampled to decrease the storage which is used.

Advantages of Zipping over Folder

Just imagine you have a folder full of files which is more than 20 or something close to that, and you wanted the folder to send or mail to someone, is that possible? Well frankly speaking it’s not even possible. A folder with more than 20 files can’t be sent online. You have to send all those 20 files separately. 

That’s where Zip Files beats the Folder if you zip up the 20 files in a single Zip and archive the size of that Zip file. It will be compressed and you can even spread it across the internet easily via Email as well. Also, you can encrypt your Zip file which is one most important benefits of zip files over regular Folders.


The person who created the RAR file controls the file’s password. If you want to acquire a password for the file, ask the person who formed it. No entrance exists in WinRAR for saving lost/forgotten passwords, and we are unable to assist you in finding your forgotten/lost password.

How Strong Is RAR Password?

Please keep in mind that RAR password length can range from 127 characters to more than 200 characters.

Password of Encrypted WinRAR File

How does WinRAR check your Password? WinRAR does not effort to recover a disremembered password. It employs the hash function to produce an encryption key for a file named AES-128/256 Bit and then encrypts the data using this key.

WinRAR employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AESS) encryption algorithm, also known as the Rijndael code, in its encryption procedure. It is cooler to crack codes if you have a greater number of bits in a key, and there are more conceivable key combinations if you have a larger number of bits. WinRAR does not achieve a password check; rather, it produces an encryption key by ephemeral the password through the hash function. WinRAR recommends using at least 8 characters as a password for data usage. RAR encrypted files password is up to 127 characters long. It is tough to remember alphanumeric passwords, so we acclaim abbreviating a sentence and changing it into a password. The cryptographic keys in virtual memory are removed, but they are not deleted after the extraction is accomplished

Solutions for Unlocking RAR Password

  • Break WinRAR Password with RAR File Password Cracker – Passper for RAR
  • How to Crack WinRAR Password Online
  • How to Break WinRAR Password with CMD
  • Break WinRAR Password with Notepad
  • Open Password Protected ZIP file with NSIS
  • Crack WinRAR Password with Common-used Passwords

Solution 1: Kraken zip password recovery Software

Step 1:Download the software. This software will help you to recover your forgotten password.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

Generating Download Link…



Step 2: Install the software

Step 3: When you installed the above software it will create a new folder automatically on the desktop called “Kraken_v15” open that folder and there will be the below folders.

Step 4: Copy your password-protected folder into the recovery folder.

Step 5: Run the Kraken.exe file to execute.

Here you can follow on-screen instructions as I am trying one file for testing.

Press Y to continue.

Here select start new enter 1 for selecting start new.

Here enter Y and hit enter to continue.

Here select your target what you want to recover? I am trying to recover a zip folder here I should enter 1.

Here select your method of recovery which method you want to recover your password I am going to recover my password with BruteForce.

This is very important to select the best option here you can select any but it will take many times because the software finding the password using the combination method I have set the password for my file as “132” here I can select 4 for only numbers try to think before starting this process it’s very important.

Here if you have an exact limit of character there is no need to enter the wrong number because the software to trying as many combinations as you entered here currently I know about my length that’s 3 here I am entering 3 for quick and easy recovery.

After that the software will prompt you for min-length and mix-length if you don’t know just hit enter otherwise you can enter the exact number then you will need to enter prefix and suffix if you don’t have any information about that just hit enter.

Here select the best possible option because it depends on the situation if you’re free and only wants to recover the file you can select 4 number option but keep in mind the CPU will be used in this process and maybe other programs may not work as normal I am selection number 4 here.

The process will start and it will take some time to be patient whenever the process has been successfully completed you will reach the below screen.

Solution2: Break WinRAR Password with RAR File Password Cracker – Passper for RAR

The most operative and recommended solution to unlock the RAR password is using a professional RAR password breaker. Passper for RAR is undeniably what you need. This tool is rewarded as the fastest RAR password recovery tool in the market bestowing to our test, which can check 10000 passwords every second. Furthermore, with the instinctive border, it is quite easy to use. Only 2 steps are desirable, you can crack the password and open the locked RAR file smoothly. Below are more outstanding features of Passper for RAR:

  • High Recovery Rate: It accepts the canny cracking strategies and progressive algorithm, which makes its password recovery rates much more advanced than other methods.
  • 4 Powerful Attack Modes: It delivers 4 powerful attack modes which significantly reduce the applicant passwords and abridge the recovery time.
  • Save Recovery State: In case of any disruption, Passper for RAR will restart later from that point of interruption.
  • No Data Leakage: Passper secures your data security, it won’t keep any files you import and your files will not be dripped out during/after password recovery.
  • Trustworthy: Passper is the sub-brand of iMyFone, which is widely recognized by, Macworld,, etc.

Download Passper for RAR and install it on your computer to get started.

Step 1 Click the “Add” icon on the window that appears and uploads the RAR file, then select an attack mode from the 4 options shown on the interface based on your situation. Once selected, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Step 2 After that, Passper for RAR will start password recovery. When Passper for RAR finds your file’s password, it will inform you and display it on the screen. Next, copy the password and use it to crack the WinRAR file on your computer.

It is that informal. You can smoothly crack the RAR password within a few clicks. 

Solution3: How to Crack WinRAR Password Online

In certain cases, you may not famine to install any software on the computer may be due to imperfect space on your computer or other personal motives. Therefore, in such a condition, you can use an online RAR password unlocker. One of the prevalent online services is Password Online Recovery. The most striking feature of this online tool is that you only need to pay for fruitful decryption. However, this online service does not guarantee the recovery rate of powerful encryption. Here are the steps on how to use it:

Step 1: Head over to the website and click on “Upload your encrypted file” to upload your password-encrypted RAR archive.

Step 2: After that, a new screen will appear demanding you to enter a valid email address. After clicking “Send”, you need to go to your email address to stimulate the decryption procedure.

Step 3: The decryption procedure will begin directly. Now, you only need to wait tolerantly for the tool to break the password for you. Once your password is cracked effectively, you need to pay for it and then you can see the password.


This online tool is very relaxed to use, but the decryption procedure will take a long. I uploaded one password-protected RAR archive to this service. After the action is activated, the procedure froze at 23% and never moved on. Prominently, if your RAR file contains sensitive information, we propose trying other solutions.

Solution4: How to Break WinRAR Password with CMD

Using CMD is an additional free solution to open password-protected RAR files. You just need to type in several command lines and generate a batch script. However, it is significant to note that this method only works for numeric passwords. And to tell the fact, we do not endorse you using this method due to the fact that a mistake on the command line will harm your operating system or data.

Now check the following steps:

Step 1: Open your Notepad. Enter the code for batch script. You can simply find the code on the Internet.

Step 2: Save the file as “Cracker.bat”. Please make sure the file extension is .bat.

Step 3: Afterward saving, locate the .bat file and open it. It will open the command prompt.

Step 4: You need to type in the name and location of the locked RAR file. Press “Enter”.

Step 5: After a certain time, the password will be cracked and displayed on the screen.

Solution5: Break WinRAR Password with Notepad

You may not know that Notepad can also be used to break RAR passwords on your computer. Please keep in mind that this solution might not work for every RAR archive, but you can still try it, and it only includes short steps.

Step 1: First of all, open the encrypted RAR file on your computer with Notepad.

Step 2: Then, press CTRL+F on your keyboard and find the string Ûtà, then replace it with 5³tà’. Again, find ‘IžC0 and replace it with IžC0.

Step 3: After replacing these two strings, just save your files. When you reopen the RAR file, you may find you will not be asked to provide a password.

Solution6: Open Password Protected ZIP file with NSIS

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is another method for opening password-protected ZIP files. Now, let us recognize how you can unzip password-protected zip files through this method:

Step 1: First of all, install NSIS on your computer and then Run it.

Step 2: After running it, you will see many selections there. You must click the “Installer based on ZIP file” option under the “Compiler” segment.

Step 3: Once you click on the “Installer based on ZIP file” option, a new window will seem. You need to click on the “Open” button to navigate to the path of your password-protected ZIP file. Then, click on the “Browse” button, which is next to “Output EXE File,” there you can select the path to save the EXE file that will produce. At last, click on the “Generate” button to initiate the process.

Step 4: After the procedure is finished and the EXE file is generated, close the “ZIP2EXE” dialog box.

Step 5: Double-click on the produced EXE file and click on the “Install” button to install it on your computer.

Step 6: Finally, once the installation is finished, the password-protected ZIP file will be unlocked automatically. Now you can open the password-protected ZIP file without any password.

However, this method might not work exactly, and sometimes it cannot open the password-protected ZIP file. Many times, you might also face that you cannot get fillings from the ZIP file after opening it through the NSIS method. Hence, there will be no assurance of getting your ZIP file unzipped through this method.

Solution7: Crack WinRAR Password with Common-used Passwords

It is the humblest method, but the chance of achievement is relatively low. Guessing the RAR password completely depends on the password creator meanwhile only he/she knows which password is regularly used. If you are the password creator of the encrypted RAR archive, we have organized some reminders for you:

  • Frequently-used password for online registration
  • Regularly used passwords such as 6789, abcdef, 123456, 000, etc.
  • Alternatives of your family member’s name, your pet’s name, or your birthday.

How to Repair the Corrupted ZIP File

When it arises to the finest file repair tool to repair ZIP files, then the Stellar File Repair Toolkit comes transversely as the most trusted and well-organized of solutions. You can use this tool to overhaul and recover your ZIP files, overhaul corrupt MS PowerPoint files, MS Word documents, and even your MS Excel Workbooks. Think of this as your one-stop corrupt-file repair shop. With all those multipurpose features- you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case the tool does not deliver the desired results, then you can easily get back all your money!

  • Let’s you repair four different types of files namely, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Zip.
  • Extremely easy to use and is designed in such a manner that anyone can use it to repair corrupted files.
  • Offers many outstanding search options to find corrupted files in a prompt.
  • Delivers an extraordinary preview feature that permits you to see the contents of the file to be mended.
  • Proficient in recovering all of the data limited in the corrupted file.

Download the Stellar File Repair Tool on your PC, launch it, and with the Repair ZIP file option start to mending process.

Step 1: Select corrupt ZIP files from the local drive and search.

Step 2: Click the Repair button for all corrupt ZIP file lists in the result section. 

Step 3: After the repairing procedure is finished, open the repaired ZIP file

Step 4: Save the extracted password-protected ZIP file to a desired location.

A complete step-by-step guide to open a zip file without a password!

How to Open Password Protected RAR or ZIP File without Password in Windows

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How to Open Password Protected RAR or ZIP File without Password in Windows

“Congratulations we have recovered the password” I really appreciate your patience if you have any issues in the process I will be more than happy to assist you in this regard.

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