6 Best Educational Apps Students Must Have on Their Smartphones

There are no more dull lectures and long-lasting textbooks. With the latest technological developments, innovative teachers can exploit digital tools and applications to deliver truly thrilling educational knowledge to students. From computer-generated realities to cooperative online, 2023 has fantastic educational apps to support teachers in making engaging lessons without fuss or annoyance!

In this article, we’ll look at 6 of the top educational apps you can begin with today to make your school an exciting learning space!

Things to Consider When Selecting Classroom Apps

When selecting apps for Education to use in the classroom, think about the following features:

Ease of Use for Younger Students

Does the app feature an intuitive user interface? Also, is it easy to use? Remember that kids younger than (maybe teens in high school can use the mainstream apps) teachers, students, and other family members are likely to exploit the app.

Learning Goals

What do you imagine students to learn from the app? Does it encounter the goals of your prospectus? If it’s not in line with your existing curriculum, It may not be a suitable application for your class.

Depth of Content

Does the app have a selection of content that can be custom-made to meet the needs of each student? This is important to distinguish.


Are the apps motivating and inspirational for students? Can it keep their attention and keep students coming back for more? This is important for the holding of students.


Does the application work on all devices, counting tablets, smartphones, and computers? Make sure that the app works with the strategies used in your class.

Pricing and Plans

Is the app a sensible price for students and teachers, or are there any free options? Some apps permit trials for free. If you choose an app that necessitates a yearly subscription, be sure that it fits into your school’s budget.

Other Factors

Are there other deliberations such as security, social purposes valuations tools, security features, or teacher tools that are significant in choosing your favorite classroom apps? When selecting the right education apps to use in your class, take time to examine each app in light of these significant factors.

5 Best Educational Apps for the Classroom

We have detached well-known applications, such as Google Glass and Zoom, from our top 5 list.

  1. ChatGPT

Open-AI revealed ChatGPT in November 2023. This groundbreaking AI chatbot showcases the astonishing abilities of artificial intelligence. With this innovative tool, users can ask various questions and get answers immediately in seconds.

The innovative ChatGPT technology has entirely changed how our lives and work environments operate. Teachers are now faced with regulating the AI-driven atmosphere to formulate students for the future appropriately. In these times, instructors need to be upbeat in inspecting ways to generate an operative educational experience that aligns with the newest technological advances.

Key Benefits:

Instructors are using the cutting-edge ChatGPT platform to break new ground and extend learning prospects. Occasions generate appealing lesson plans that contain materials, engaging quizzes that are custom-made to each student’s necessities, provide separate assessments of their presentation, and rapidly mark projects. The possibilities of ChatGPT’s groundbreaking podium are boundless!

Pricing and Plans:

OpenAI’s ChatGPT bids free and open entrees to all users worldwide, but replies aren’t always up to value. There are rumors of slow presentation when conducting huge volumes of inquiries; thus, it is not always operative and rapid to use.

Users of ChatGPT Plus will enjoy frequent assistance for only $20 per month. This contains 24/7 entree in peak times as well as faster response times. The opportunity to be one of the first users to take advantage of the latest features.

  1. Canva for Education

Its Canva Educational application is a tremendously valuable resource for teachers, giving them the tools desirable to project educational materials that are visually attractive, which help bring their teaching to life.

With a range of templates and fonts, images, diagrams, and artworks available through the app, teachers can rapidly generate spectacular posters and worksheets, performances, and other tools for use in their classrooms, whether digitally or on paper.

This not only allows educators to generate teaching materials in a short time and professionally, but it also lets them explain the evidence in fresh and imaginative ways that will keep students interested throughout their lessons.

Key Benefits:

Even if you’re not a fan of graphic design, you can still make stunning appearances using the Canva Education app. The app comes with millions of templates you can engrave according to the wishes of your class.

Furthermore, using drag-and-drop makes it informal to move items throughout the application. You can upload your pictures or download millions of photos and videos within the application.

Pricing and Plans:

The most significant thing? Canva for Education is free! All teachers must do is sign up for an account using the school’s email account. After you’ve signed up, you can get an entree to all the unbelievable features that the standard version of Canva Pro bids without any boundaries on use.

  1. Photomath

Mathematics is one of the subjects that many have trouble with, which is the purpose of this application being an extremely helpful tool. The enclosed subjects contain the concepts of amounts and numbers, trigonometry, algebra, functions and angles, sequences, and calculus. Photomath does more than just solve math calculations and problems. It also walks you through the steps, elaborates on solving them, and delivers a detailed description of each step. You can snap a photo of the math problem with your device’s camera or exploit the advanced calculator feature to input the problem to find an answer. Camera detention is countless for worksheets, books, or even websites (you can snap a photo of your laptop or computer screen).

There’s a cooperative section on textbook explanations. You can search for the ISBN or title and browse the explanations of the difficulties in the textbook. Solutions are prearranged by problem number and page. However, when you view these solutions, you will not be able to see the steps intricate in cracking them using a free account. You’ll have been upgraded, too, Plus. Suppose you sign up for a month-long or yearly subscription. In that case, you’ll be admitted to all the steps needed to solve textbooks and vigorous tutorials and complete solutions for complicated problems. It’s worth it if you’re a student or someone employed with math daily.

  1. Duolingo

The app’s goal will make studying pleasurable by offering rewards, a variety of exercises, and unlockable tales. There are forty languages to choose from: Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Latin, Indonesian, Welsh, Klingon, and Zulu. Before opening every lesson, you can look up helpful evidence and learn the pronunciation of its keywords. Listening and speaking are amongst the most valuable activities that you’ll be able to experience. In addition, you’ll get gems, XP, and badges as you develop.

The heart system is also in place to guarantee that things are balanced. It’s a five-hour start every day using a free paid account. You’ll lose a heart for every wrong answer. However, you can improve your heart by re-learning preceding subjects or waiting to restock every five hours. Super Duolingo is a monthly subscription that removes ads and delivers additional compensations like endless hearts and progress monitoring with precise quizzes and the opportunity to test out at any grade. Furthermore, Duolingo also has an app that teaches children how to read.

  1. QuiverVision

QuiverVision is a grouping of imaginative coloring and imposing AR technology to give an unassailable learning experience! Through this exclusive application, children can rapidly build their aptitudes and gain knowledge by discovering diverse subjects in a groundbreaking and thrilling method.

Exploiting the dynamic pages, users can create original works that pop – creating a sense of gratification at seeing their art converted from imagination to truth!

Key Benefits:

QuiverVision is an exclusive way to bring individuality to the classroom by allowing students to make their exclusive work come to life! Applying the power that is Augmented Reality, this enlightening platform bids a fun educational experience for students by refining their understanding of different subjects through animated color technology.

Pricing and Plans:

QuiverVision has an educator program designed for schools, teachers, and everyone who uses the app on numerous devices.

This plan for educators is priced on seats that start at $5.00 per month for 10 seats. It comprises admittance to more than 200 coloring pages, online teaching aids, and action plans.

  1. Quizizz

Quizizz is an online game for quizzes that allows players to occupy and gain knowledge in a pleasant, communicative manner. With Quizizz, giving your students quizzes and monitoring their presentations is possible.

Teachers can allocate homework from these tests to upsurge student immersion and eagerness. To aid students in learning new skills, you could make quizzes on various topics. Furthermore, you can take surveys or appear in live shows to contend against your peers. Participate in frequent workshops and contend in contradiction of your teachers.

Quizizz is a wonderful way to practice for exams or quizzes. It is also a countless tool as a valuation tool for influential determinations to test student comprehension of the content. It bids a variety of types of questions counting multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank. And short answers. Quizizz also contains many games and actions that keep students amused.

Key Benefits:

The Quizizz online game lets students acquire and play in an engaging and fun. With Quizizz, you can generate questions, test students and monitor their presentations. It comes with various types of questions like multiple-choice, filled-in-the-blank, and short answers.

Pricing and Plans:

Quizizz is free to use. The finest plans begin from USD 19 per month and are free for regions and schools.

Final Words on the Best Classroom Apps

With the ever-changing digital world, the potentials for educational apps seem boundless. But it is significant to note that not all apps are intended to be the same. You can find an app for reading to help progress literateness skills or a math game to help students learn to make sure you do your homework to pick the suitable application for your class.

We hope you’ve exposed a few educational requests in this object that could bid features that content your students’ necessities. Let us know which ones are your favourite apps we did not include and what you educated with one of our suggestions!

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